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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q. What is AMA and what is it that you do?
A. Model Housing | Transportation | Bookings | Advice | Guidance | Support |  Management & Success Strategies for the Adult Industry

Q. What is a reasonable expectation of earnings for these adult video gigs?

We are seeing the average rate for a Boy/Girl scene in South Florida & Los Angeles range from $700 to $1,000 for the average new girl. Exceptional looking and/or skilled models get more. We've seen $1200-$1500 in several cases for a boy/girl scene from the larger companies. A exceptional looking new girl can make $10,000-$15,000 and even up to $20,000 a month between Florida & LA.

Q. How much time do I have to devote to a trip if I am new and from out of town?
We usually suggest 10-14 days for your first trip. This allows time for you to settle in, get your portfolio done, get your medical testing done, get your pictures out to production and still have about 10 "shooting days" left on your schedule.  

Q. What do you need to know about me?
First of all: Break out the ID. You must BE 18 or older with VALID State Issued Photo ID or Driver's License & Social Security Card to prove it.  

1. Have you done any adult content production work before? Who, What, Where, When.
2. Are you working with/visited with any companies right NOW? The truth please. It's a small world. We will find out.  
3. What limitations do you have? "Do's and Dont's? To ensure quality, we suggest filling out this online application form.  
4. What is your availability? If you are a feature dancer, you may only have a 2-3-4 week break, etc.  
5. How soon can you get here?

Q. How do I get paid?

GETTING PAID: You get paid directly by the production companies that hire you for your shoots. Usually by check. Some are cash. All checks are payable to you by your real name. We have covered the "you must have 2 forms of ID" already so you will have no problems cashing checks while in town. Some gigs pay "same day" and some "do payroll" and mail checks anywhere from 7-14 days after the shoot. INCOME TAXES: While all earnings are subject to income tax, more and more companies will take actually take the payroll taxes right out of your check. This is becoming more and more common in California for example. It varies from company to company and how advanced their accounting process is. You will receive the proper forms (W-2 and1099) in the mail the following January for you to complete your tax returns.  

Q. "Do I have to Audition"?
A. NO. We and the companies in our network hire based on your pictures. Sometimes they will ask us to run you by their office so they can say hello. This is known as a "GO SEE" They may ask to take a quick look at you. Some will snap a couple of pictures to attach to your booking sheet. That's it. It's a 3 minute thing.    

Q. Will my parents & friends find out?
A.  You want the truth right? Good - because we're not going to lie to you or sugarcoat it:
YES - SOMEONE YOU KNOW WILL PROBABLY FIND OUT YOU DID PORN. Let me rephrase this. More than likely EVERYONE you know - will know you did porn. There it is. In the interests of full disclosure, you should absolutely go into this knowing that eventually SOMEONE is going to put it all together. Then the emails and phone calls and texts and myspace/facebook message begin and within days or weeks everyone knows. If this is a problem for you - we recommend you take a pass. Come back when you don't care.

Q. What steps have been taken to help protect the performers health from STD's such as HIV?

All performers for all shoots we book are tested for HIV as well as other STD's before their first shoot and every 30 days thereafter. The Adult Industry Medical (AIM) Health Care Foundation was formed to provide support & health resources specific to the Adult Video Industry including testing, counseling, treatment & education for performers and sex industry workers nationwide. For more information and facts on this and other health topics for sex industry workers, we strongly suggest that you visit the AIM Healthcare Foundation website at and review the resources available to you online.