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Alissa Avni
When I first decided to enter the adult entertainment industry, I was very nervous, but I was fortunate enough to have met Brian and have him become my agent. I have been with AMA Modeling for 4 months so far and I love it! All of the girls at the model condo have been very friendly as well. I feel very fortunate and blessed to have joined this agency. I have never been disrespected in any way or ever felt uncomfortable at any shoot that Brian has booked for me. I have nothing but great things to say about Brian and AMA Modeling!

Alissa Avni.
I’ve stayed at Brian’s model house three times already and he always makes sure that I have everything I need and that I’m comfortable. It has a gorgeous view too! And a nice gym!

If I need to run errands or get tested he has taken me places and I really appreciate that.

Brian has been able to book me for a lot of shoots while I’m here every time! I’ve neen able to make a lot of money and enjoy this amazing tropical weather. I appreciate his sense of humor and his hospitality. He stays on top of getting me as many bookings as he can and I like that he never pushes me to do anything on a shoot that I’m uncomfortable with doing.

Krissy Lynn.
Olivia Fox
My name is olivia fox, and i have 10 years experience in the entertainment industry. However, I am extremely new to the adult film industry as a matter of fact flying out to meet Brian for ama modeling was my first time fully pursuing the adult film industry. Yes, of course I was nervous and hesitant and absolutely did not know what to expect but I had done my homework and my research and Brian's agency is by far as legit as they get.

From the moment I stepped off the plane Brian has been nothing but truly hospitable has gone and Beyond to make sure that myself and all the women staying at the model house safe and taken care of.

As the week went by during my first week of bookings for work I would meet other women from other agencies and I would constantly hear the complaint from them regarding their agents and how unhappy they were. Vividly I remember thinking too much I am so fortunate and Lucky to have such a stand-up quality man representing me professionally. Never once did I feel sexually harassed, taken advantage of, or underworked.

He will only book you with companies that he has a solid relationship with. As long as you show up willing to work, treat each other with the respect that you wish to be treated with your experience here will be nothing less than phenomenal. Please feel free to email me at anytime for more confirmation of my experience.
Avalon Heart
I am beyond fortunate to be have become a part of AMAmodeling. I started out with nothing but a car and a suitcase full of clothing. I wanted to pursue my career in the adult industry and Brian made that possible. Brian took me under his wing and proved all of my doubts wrong. Traveling to a new place with no idea of what to expect can be scary, but once my flight arrived in Florida and I met Brian and a few of his models all of my fears vanished. The girls were so welcoming and friendly, and Brian is very professional. I have heard stories of other agents, and bad experiences, but never from Brians girls, he is the top agent. Not much to worry about while staying and working here with Brian , as he takes care of booking and keeping my schedule organized for me. Hands down I would choose him over any other agent, putting my trust into him 100% regarding my safety and success.
Dolly Leigh
I had no idea what to expect when I decided to fly to Miami. I haven't been much of a traveler, and heading somewhere new where you don't know anyone is a little intimidating. My fears were put to rest when I met Brian and the girls, and saw how friendly and down to earth everyone was. I made some good friends in the time I was there, and Brian was excellent at finding shoots for me. In such a short bit of time, he had me booked for almost every day I was there. I also appreciated knowing everything was taken care of, that I had a ride to and from every shoot. Brian is definitely someone I trust and would recommend to anyone trying to start in the industry.
Elena Koshka
Hello Loves! This is Elena Koshka <3 Brian is undoubtedly thee best agent out there! I was so nervous coming into the adult industry, I thought of every bad scenario that could ever happen. I bombarded Brian with all of my questions and concerns, he then handed the phone over to Sophia Leone, and she was able to reassure me of my safety, and Brians legitimacy. And of course, I did my online research about the modeling agencies, AMA and 101 after stumbling on his ad, but it wasn't enough to completely convince me that this was a good move for me to take in life. So Thank you Sophia for convincing me to take this opportunity, and thank you Brian for allowing me to work under your wing. I have complete peace of mind having Brian as my agent, I know I will be taken care of, respected, and my time here in Florida and L.A will not be wasted. The life style we live, the money we make, and the relationships we build are all so wonderful. I turned 23 here at Brians model house, which made me wish I had taken this leap in life so much sooner. I could have been making this great money when I was 18! Anyway...Being here has been one of the best experiences of my life, I'll miss this place, it has become my second home. There are no opportunities like this back home in Oregon.
Emily Mena
Where do I even begin? My name is Emily Mena and I am 21 years old. I go to school full time, I am a full time mommy and a wife. Working in the adult industry is something my husband and I discussed in depth about doing prior to this for months. We always discussed the possibility of either one of us pursuing a career in the industry so you could only imagine how happy I was when my agent Brian reached out to us. We discussed it and at first we both were very scared; however I've been down here working with AMA modeling agency and in all honesty it has been a life changing experience. The people I've encountered during this journey have taught me so much about myself that I never even knew. AMA modeling agency have provided me with an opportunity that I will forever cherish. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever envisioned myself working in the adult industry. They have taught me that true happiness comes from within. It doesn't matter what people say/think about you. All that matters is that me and my family are happy. They've provided me with all of the essentials I have needed to rock my shoots. Since I've been down here I've shot four times and will remain shooting until I leave. On set the people make you feel so welcomed and at home it's literally like a sisterhood. Everyone's a family. I have one younger brother so you could also imagine how happy I am to have met such amazing people/girls that share so much in common. Everyone is sweet and everyone will guide you through the process. I'm a very shy person, but the girls, the staff, agents, models, etc. answered every question plus more. It's a very safe zone. All female and male talents get tested every 14 days. Before shooting, they will always show you the other persons results and be assured that unless everything comes back clean they will not be shooting. This experience has taught me not to be afraid. If there's something I really want to do I should pursue and achieve my goals. I mean might as well you only live once. The money's great, the people are friendly, it's a very safe clean environment, and you will always get treated with the upmost respect. I am forever thankful for everything Brian has done for me and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store. I'm ready! LA, Vegas, magazine shoots, covers of DVDs, AVN awards, etc. I WANT IT ALL!!! All you need is someone who believes in you and someone who is willing to invest the time and energy in seeing/pushing you to succeed. Trust me, AMA modeling agency will. I owe it to them for shaping me into the woman I am today. Confident and ready to conquer any obstacle put in my way.

Thank you. - Emily Mena 💋
Shane Blair
Where do I begin? Brian and Bella are amazing agents. Ever since I arrived in Florida I have been well taken care of. I started porn 3 months ago in LA where it is a lot different than Florida. I appreciate that Brian and Bella always make sure we have everything that we need for shoots, that we are on set on time, and that we have had plenty of rest the night before. Both Brian and Bella's condos are very nice and modern, yet cozy quiet and comfortable. There's nice pools, gyms, saunas, and walking distance to shops restaurants and salons. I feel like a big family with the models and our agents. I can't wait to plan my next Florida trip!
Bambi Brooks
how do I even start with this testimonial....okay first off, I am Bambi Brooks. Ive been in the business almost a month now and ALREADY on my way to Los Angelos to continue shooting amazing videos. I am 21 years old, I have never thought in my WILDEST dreams that I would ever make it to the adult industry the way I did nor did I think i would ever do this...but boy am I glad I've found the agency I have and am SO thankful of it. Being with AMA modeling has impacted my life more than ever. I just got out of a 2.5 year relationship that was just me and my man trying to take on the world, things happened and we drifted apart...I figured I needed a good paying job and stumbled upon AMA modeling on Craigslist and took the chance to change my life and here I am on a plane ready to take off and continue building my life. It is INCREDIBLE. My family still don't know what I'm doing but my friends and now current ex boyfriend/ boyfriend know and are supporting me to the max saying to stay on my grind and f*** what other people say. And there right. It's such good money and behind the scenes, not what people think it is. It's very safe like we get tested every 14 days and I didn't know that this was so secure like that. You ALWAYS see your talents test before you do anything and you're NEVER pushed into or even talked into something you don't want to do. I'm so thankful for Brian and Bella who make sure you always have everything you need even if you come down with $0 and nothing. I was treated with the utmost respect and still am. I am so excited for this opportunity and thankful that I had to write this. Thank you AMA for everything. You've changed my life for the best and I owe it all to you and you making me feel beautiful. xoxo Bambi Brooks :)
Jessica Torres
Hello my name is Jessica Torres.

I had a great experience working with Brian as my agent in Florida. He delivered what he promised plus more and a great agent to work with.

If you guys have any questions or any hesitation whether this is a legitimate business, feel free to contact me anytime.

Thank you for everything Brian!

Jessica Torres
Sophia Leone
HI! I'm Parker Swayze and you may recognize me from some sites such as Naughty America, Reality Kings, Porn Pros and Brazzers. I'm so very lucky to have Brian as my agent! If it weren't for him I wouldn't have been granted such great opportunities! Brian really takes great care in his work and knows this business inside and out. Thanks to AMA I'm looking forward to even more fun opportunities coming my way. If you're a young person looking to break into the adult industry look no further. AMA is a team and they show it.
My name is Sadie I'm 19 and I've been working for AMA for under a month and I've enjoyed every second of it . I love the atmosphere everyone here at the model house is very welcoming and nice . I must say I love my job . Brian is very professional and helps us further our career in anyway he can and joining AMA was the best thing I could have done.
Sophia Leone
Hey guys my names Sophia Leone and ive been with AMA modeling for about 4 months now and I am defintitly happy this is my agency! Brian is no doubt the best agent in the adult industry he takes great care of every single one of his girls, he is very respectful and with no question will be able to take your career further than any other agent can. We live in a beautiful model home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida right outside of Miami and in our model home everyone is like a family we all get along great love and support eachother! We're a Team! Okay now shooting, Brian will book you with the top companys like Reality Kings, Bang Bros, Team Skeet etc. And he will 100% make sure you are comfortable with each scene he books you for you NEVER have to do anything you don't want too. When you go to the shoots the will do your hair and makeup and make you look absolutely beautiful which is always fun! After you will go to a gorgeous model home with your Director, Photographer, Male/Female Talents and your self not a whole crew of people. Every scene you do you will have so muuch fun it will not feel like work what so ever they make you feel like a million dollars and plus your're making great money!!! You will also travel to LA, Las Vegas, and New York which is so much fun! Well that is my expirence if you have any more questions or want to get more in detail with certain things please feel free to email me anytime
Hollie Sheilds
I'm Hollie Shields and I started out with AMA, when I arrived to Florida I was greeted by Brian and Layna, they took me back to the house where I was then greeted by the other girls, who became some of my best friends. Everyone was so friendly and made me feel very comfortable, not just in the house but when I went out for work as well. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to work with everyone and to have had the opportunities after as well. Everyone is so amazing and kind, they have become part of a family for me.
Nicki Ortega
Words cannot describe the love and gratitude I have for Brian Berke and Layna Landry. When I came here I was fresh out of Texas and scared I couldn't make it out here, but as soon as I got off the plane Layna Landry graciously helped me grab my bags and she took me to the Model House. When I got there I was introduced to a few other girls who were really friendly and amazing to talk to. My overall experience with Brian Berke and Layna Landry amongst many females I have met while I have been here was an absolutely life changing and extraordinary experience and I will never forget these amazing people.

'Nicki Ortega
Kendra Cole
My Names Kendra Cole, I'm 19 years old, I'm from Wisconsin, and I have recently just gotten into the adult film industry. Crazy right?

Wisconsin is this crappy little place where you have to work two minimum wage jobs just to make ends meet. Back home I was going into nursing and barely making the bills. I couldn't afford to buy things for myself and I was always working so I never had time to relax and be a teenager. My friend and I had ended up working for this company near our hometown taking photos for adult magazines but the company was very unprofessional and we began to search elsewhere to see if this is really how the adult world treats their models who are already questioning their decisions of going into the adult industires. But we had to pay the bills. Then we found Brian. We called Brian and talked to him and he had us talk with a couple models from the house in Florida. They gave us the encouragement we needed to get on that plane. Next thing you know we ended up flying me out two days later instead of my friend who was originally going to go.

My experience here has been amazing. As soon as I got here my nerves immediately vanished. When your're here your're treated like family. I feel like ive been friends with these girls for years and I make so much money where I never have to worry about if ill be able to make rent this month or not. And theres nothing unprofessional about the work we do here. I never thought I would be so happy with my career choice. I went from being this scared girl wondering how she ended up like this to being incredibly happy and loving my job. Its so professional and so much fun and you never think so until your're actually living it. At Brians model house and provide you with a beautiful place to stay with an amazing pool just outside the model house. I have my own bed and the freedom to go to the mall one block away whenever I want to! Its amazing here and I love going to work in the mornings. And when I'm not filming I'm kicking back hanging with my friends in the Florida sunshine. I love it here I don't know how I ever could go back to the miserable life of Wisconsin. The shoots and the people at them are all so fun and friendly and everyone goes above and beyond to make sure your're having the experience and professionalism you deserve. I'm very thankful to Brian for having me come out here and everything he does to help me further my career in the industry.

Thank youu
Much love, Kendra
Tali Dova
My name is Tali Dova, I am 20 years old, and I’m from a small town in Michigan. I have been in the adult industry since May 18th. I am currently at the model house with Brian, and I love it here!

I always knew I wanted to do something in the modeling industry, but never knew how to really get into it. So…I started web camming, and really enjoyed it. I loved that I could go to work whenever I wanted, and not have a boss breathing down my shoulder. The only problem with camming was: it didn’t pay the bills.

Then, a recruiter on Twitter contacted me and directed me to Brian and Bella. I talked to both of them, and they wanted me to fly down ASAP. I was very nervous and skeptical at first, but I got on the plane and flew to Florida. When I got down here, everything they said was true. The model house is gorgeous. There is a huge pool with a hot tub. All of the people I work with are very respectful and supportive. There is a HUGE mall within walking distance from the model house. Not to mention the weather is always amazing. Just everything here is the best. I don’t know how I ever survived in Michigan. I don’t think I could ever go back where it’s cold and crappy all the time.

Anyway, Brian and Bella are always there for you. Any questions you have, they always have an answer. Not to mention, they always find you work. Being down here, I’ve made the most money in a week I have ever made in that same time period. I don’t know what I would do without Brian or Bella. They are the best agents anyone could ever ask for.
So what made you decide to do porn?

A question I'm asked almost daily. Whether it was boredom, my adventurous spirit or I was just feeling particularly horny one afternoon, I began researching the adult industry and found Brian and Bella at AMA. I sent over my photos and the model questionnaire. Within the hour Brian had contacted me and I had spoken to Bella and several of the models. Then came the opportunity to fly out to Florida... the very next day. I thought about it for a few more hours, and did more research before taking the plunge.

The very next morning I was at the airport flying out of Houston, TX with both Brian and Bella checking up on me every step of the way from the beginning of my day through my layover and when I landed in Fort Lauderdale where Brian and the lovely Rio Marxx picked me up at the airport. From the airport I was immeditely taken on a go-see where I was booked for a shoot the following day. I was SO NERVOUS! Bella picked me up for my very first shoot, and gave me a ton of advice and reassurance. Without her I would have been a complete nervous wreck, but after her pep talk I walked into my shoot excited and optomistic, still nervous, but ready to have fun. From the very first day until now and into the rest of my career, I will always have Bella to thank for helping me discover who Emma Evins is and who she wants to become.

Brian, Bella and my AMA family as a whole are some of the most amazing people that I've met. They've made my transistion into the industry incredibly comfortable, successful and just a genuinely phenominal life experience.
Halle Von
I'm Halle Von and I'm 19 years old. I have my associates degree in nursing as well as a 1 year old son. I started camming beginning of April 2014, and was scouted by one of AMA's scouts in Australia. I was nervous, but excited to see how successful their girls from the past had done after doing research. Bella called me on Wednesday, flew me out on Thursday, and had me making money the very next day! Going from worrying about how to make ends meet and provide for my son as a single mom to having more than 4 figures in my bank while being safe, healthy, and having SO much fun blew my mind! I never realized what a professional and comfortable environment the adult industry was but I'm glad I have! AMA has treated me like family. They've comforted me while being homesick, have given me a beautiful place to stay, and have made sure that I feel like a princess the whole time I've been here! I have loved this experience so much that I've decided to move here in August! There's no question that AMA is the number one agency on the east coast. I've seen every day that they can do things that NO other agency can do. I owe every ounce of my success in this industry to this agency and I could never repay them what they deserve.
I am so happy that I was referred to AMA. In my time there, they kept my busy with plenty of work. I had been afraid before I flew down, but the companies I worked with were reputable and professional and SO FUN. Brian and Bella are like the mom and dad of the agency, and they personally look out for all the girls above and beyond what they have to. Brian deals with bookings and is very well-networked, and Bella used to perform so she understands that side of things. Between them, the house mom/dad, and the other girls, it was like a little family down there. When I wasn't shooting, I got to stay at the model house, which was hooked up: nice condo, pool access, gym access, near the mall. Plus I was staying with other models, so between them and Bella I got a lot of helpful advice from other people with performing experience. I loved it and miss the AMA family already. I've already recommended this agency to friends and would again.
Hi, My name is Tiffany. I have been with Brian and Bella for over 2 years now. When I first decided to come to Florida I was scared and nervous just like any girl would be coming to a new place by themselves, but my nervousness ended shortly after arriving.

The entire time from when my eyes opened that morning to getting off the plane I was in constant contact with AMA, I knew every detail of my flight and what was going to happen when I arrived in Florida. As soon as I got off the plane I was greeted by what is now my best friend and the most caring woman I have ever met...Bella! From there I was treated almost like royalty or something lol. she took me home to our gorgeous condo, and right away it felt like home. It was very comfortable, quit , and filled with love. definitely some place I could get used to and I have. After being there model for awhile, I was offered the position of the assistant. Not only were they taking care of me 100% but now they had offered me a new opportunity. I immediately said yes!!! Becoming there assistant was much more then a job to me. I loved it!!!! I met and made friends with everyone and anyone who mattered in this industry. Aside from my videos they really made a name for me. Many times since becoming there assistant they have helped me out, time and time again and still continue to help me to this day no matter whether its big or small.

A perfect example is that I made a few bad choices not to long ago which happened to land me in jail for a couple months. that is something that I am not proud of and took it very hard. Even though I had done wrong Bella and Brian were right there with me the whole time. Supporting me mentally and financially and any other way that they could. They were there for every visitation and every court date, during that time we became sooo much closer (which I didn't think was possible bc we were already so close). Many times I would call Bella crying about my situation and she would console me and many times even cry with me. Upon my release guess who was right there to pick me up and take me home. That's right it was Bella .

I was placed on house arrest and couldn't leave home at all. They always made sure I had exactly what I needed when I needed it. They even did my grocery shopping for me, and when I needed clothes to wear to court, Bella went shopping for me to make sure that I looked my best in front of the judge. They have literally done so much for me that I could write pages and pages about it but to sum it all up... Aside from being the best model managers, they are the kindest and most loyal people I have ever met. There is no other company on this earth that is going to care for you like AMA does and I am living proof of that.

I am proud to say that I am an assistant to AMA and very thankful for having Bella and Brian in my life.
Callie Calypso
So, you’ve decided to do porn. Where the hell do you start though?

When I began my search for representation in adult film I feared that a simple internet search for agencies would do little to distinguish the legitimate from the not-so-much. But, my search quickly brought me to the homepage of the Adult Modeling Alliance, where I was surprised to scroll through some of the top adult models currently working in the industry, names that to someone like me were of a near-celebrity status. I just thought, wow! So a former film producer and a former porn star have teamed up to manage an entire team of top-notch sex-crazy (professionally sex-crazy…) starlets as they make their way into the industry…this sounds good to me.

Within 24 hours of submitting my photos and information I received a reassuring call from the most bubbly persona I have ever beheld, addressing all questions and concerns, making plans, making introductions, and within several days I received a confirmation call for a two-week shooting slew with one of the most influential big-wig sites in adult.

This is entertainment, and with it comes complications and adversities, as in any business, and with many (good and bad) options available in a tough industry, from day one I’ve felt highly secure in my decision to work exclusively with AMA in all aspects of my career, as they have been incredibly supportive, professional, and kind in the face of all my…”porn problems.” I feel that my representation as a performer is in the best hands possible and I plan to continue my working relationship with AMA (Mom and Dad?) for years to come!

Love, Callie Calypso
Daisy Summers
“Often, it’s not about becoming a new person, but becoming the person you were meant to be, and already are, but don’t know how to be.” -- Heath L. Buckmaster

I was 20 when AMA picked me up -- scouted through a webcamming site and flown down the next day. Porn was something I had debated on doing for a while now, although it was set on the backburner when school took priority. I still have the email their scout sent saved to my will forever be one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, life changers I will ever have. Here's my story.

I had been camming for almost a year, no hardcore shows...just casual talking and going topless. A lot happened in that year, I debated dropping out of school, went back to school, graduated, started stripping, moved, and I also went into the hospital for a couple months for an eating problem. It was a hectic time in my life, and looking back I can tell you that I was scared -- of everything. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with my life, who I could go to...I just didn't know how to carry on (trust me when I say, it was a very unhealthy environment).

And with perfect timing, I received the email from AMA. I called them immediately, but boy did I have something to tell them as well -- I was a virgin. When I called in, I actually called Bella Roxxx (who I now call my mom). She was incredibly sweet and when I explained my situation she went so far out of her way to make sure that the first time I had sex would be the most comfortable and safe experience -- and it was.

She picked me up from the airport and we immediately took pictures for the website. I met Brian and learned more about AMA as well as the whole adult industry itself. Bella explained to me what was going to happen for my first shoot...the first time I'd be having sex...ever. She told me all the precautions they were taking, to not worry, to just...relax really and that I was safe and I was going to be okay.

The day came and went -- and what an emotional day that was. Even though I have no emotional connection to the loss of my virginity, it was hard. And I can honestly tell you that after my scene ended, I burst into tears...and Mama Roxxx was right there with me, hugging me and comforting me. I don't know what I would have done without her.

After that, I really started shooting -- for everyone and every site. Brian had me booked like crazy (although mind you I was given breaks because I couldn't handle a lot of sex yet)! I was making such great money and having so much fun and for the first time in my life I felt like I was human. I felt free to be myself, without compromise. Shoot after shoot after this day it's all utterly surreal. I was respected at shoots, never degraded, never treated like a "whore", never talked down to. Being in this's a career. And these people you meet, the majority are so incredibly genuine. I fell in love with this place, this job, and AMA.

But to AMA this isn't just a job. This is family. Whenever I was sick, or upset...Mama Roxxx was always taking care of me. She brought me to the clinic when I had strep...She cheered me up when I was sad with jokes and hugs. And when Mama Roxxx found out about my eating habits...I don't think anyone could ever understand how much she cared and still cares for me.

I guess you can only imagine how homesick I was during my first trip out to LA. I loved it out there and Brian and Mama checked in with me daily to make sure I was okay. They kept in contact with my 101 agent, Robert, to make sure I was being taken care of. And when I came back, Mama Roxxx had so many little surprises for me to make my welcome home all that more special.

They're wonderful people, truly...they're my family...and I love them.
Tristan Berrimore
Starting in the industry as an 18 year old girl was surprisingly incredible. I got everything that was promised to me and then some, I got to meet some of the beautiful people that I can still call my best friends today, I was able to travel places that I never thought I'd be able to see, I was living the lavish lifestyle that I had dreamed of in the past and most importantly I was able to get to know my agent, Brian Berke. I was introduced to Brian and his company, AMA, through one of my dear, close friends, Izy Bella Blu.

Izy was in love with the way that Brian treated his girls and I'm not going to sugar coat anything, I was a bit scared and shy when I was brought to meet him and started working with him. He proved my shyness and weariness wrong, he immediately treated me as if I were family and chose my industry name when I couldn't think of anything.

After a few months of working with Brian, I couldn't imagine working with any other agency, I was a Queen and the world was my bitch (basically). Brian and I became close to where we teased each other and I'm sure that other girls didn't understand our relationship but I felt like he was a fatherly figure to me. On my first trip to LA, I was accompanied by Izy Bella Blu and that was a disaster because we decided to take it as vacation and party the whole time.

I ended up losing tons of money and getting lost in LA, nonetheless, Brian came to my rescue all the way from Miami, FL.. He was able to immediately call his driver out here in LA and have him pick Izy and I up to work the next day. Needless to say, Brian worked miracles whenever needed. If I was in trouble, Brian was always there to help and I am so thankful. I am now living in Los Angeles and working with 101 Modeling but not by choice, it was Brian's suggestion.

I wish so bad that he was out here with AMA because in a heartbeat I would be right back with him. I can truly say that Brian and Bella will be the best agent I've ever worked with and that his promises will always be fulfilling and truthful. I would not change a second of my time with Brian for the world. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, AMA! You mean so much to me!

Tristan Berrimore
Tessa arias
I must admit, getting flown in to an unfamiliar place was nerve wracking. I was so scared and hesitant for a couple weeks... But as soon as I got into town and met Brian and Bella I felt so welcome.

I was treated with so much respect, I was honestly impressed. I'm the type to watch criminal minds all day long and be aware of the dangers of the world, so coming down was honestly the hardest for me. I was so glad everything turned out wonderful and that Brian and Bella were so amazing and fun. Ever since I've been here, everything has just been so wonderful. I love FL and all the great people I got to meet along the way. Its so much fun being on set, the producers are so sweet.

I always feel comfortable and Brian makes sure of that. Pay is more than enough and being in a house where everyone understands you make this experience better! I'm so happy I took this opportunity and came down to work for AMA. I'm looking forward for the shoots I have coming up and per suing my career in LA with 101 models. If you choose to work with AMA you would honestly be doing yourself a favor, you wont get treated better than this anywhere else!
Thank you for everything Tessa arias
Emma Mae
I am truly lucky to have Brian as my agents, they have treated me like a princess since I got to the house. If I ever need anything they will always  make sure to help me the best they can, Brian even took me to get a bank account!

Since I started I have shot with huge companies like BangBros, Reality Kings, Suze Randall (front page of her website), PentHouse, Hustler (got the cover coming out), etc.

All of my scenes are very professional, and I am treated very well!

And if there was ever a problem I know Brian are just a phone call away!
Brian takes me to all of my shoots, and always makes sure to stop by so I can get my latte!

The model house in Florida is great,  I always feel like I'm home when I'm there,     When I come to LA its awesome, when I have days off Brian makes sure to show me around Hollywood, etc.   I really love working for AMA, I definitely picked the right agents.

I would love to speak to anyone about my experience with AMA.
Selena Castro
AMA is a great place for girls to start their career , make their Money  and have fun along the way.

In the Adult Industry you must have self confidence & just be yourself "DON'T GET CAUGHT UP WITH DRUGS" It's not worth it, enjoy your life do what makes Happy Kisses , S.C
Ivy Winters
I've been with Brian/AMA on and off since the start of my career in January 2010 and have starred or performed in more than 70 scenes, all but 1 was booked through them.

First let me say that when I did leave Brian and went to another agency, it was a disaster. He always said that if his girls wanted to leave and go somewhere else they could but probably wouldn't be happy.

Well that was completely true. I immediately missed how AMA is truly like a family.

Whether in Florida or LA we always did everything together- Brian and all the girls. When in LA, Brian would take all of us girls to breakfast in the morning which was always stressful, but nice lol (picture 5+ girls getting ready in the morning and trying to get in enough time for breakfast before going to shoot).

But it was always an adventure. And then we'd all go to dinner at night. Plus don't forget going to the mall- Brian's favorite lol. He always made sure we got to the nail salon and tanning too! But it was really cool because we all became a family. I made some great friends that I will always care about.

But most of all, Brian truly care about our careers and each girl as a person, not just a performer.

They help us make goals and educate us about the industry. AMA makes sure that you get the best experience in the industry and will work on setting goals to always better yourself as a performer and explore other options in the industry. They also help girls build confidence and make sure they are happy and enjoying what they do! I will always appreciate everything he has done for me. He was always there for me, especially when I needed him the most.

I definitely made my share of mistakes, but Brian was always there to guide me and make sure I actually learned from my mistakes and took responsibility and action before moving forward.

Overall, I would highly recommend AMA to anyone in the industry. They really do have each girls best interest in mind.

You don't just become another number on a large roster of girls. You become a member of a family that will support you through your journey in the adult industry and even outside of that.

This is my story and I would welcome speaking to anybody about my experience with AMA."

Xoxo, Ivy Winters
Bella Blaze
I came to AMA in November in Florida. I feel like I've become part of the family, everyone is so nice.

I've made a lot of friends just from being in it for the past four months, And got to travel lots. I've been to New York & California as well, The works been steady and I can't complain about the money.=)

The shoots have been good & Brian hasn't booked me in anything that was out of my comfort zone.

I do plan on staying with this company for a while.
Ivy Winters
I was lucky enough to start with AMA about a month ago. I was really nervous when I made the decision to do this, but after emailing and talking with Brian many times I felt better and flew out to Florida.

They did a photo shoot with me and got me booked right away. I had fun immediately with my first shoot and I knew I wanted to keep doing this. It was nice staying at the house with Brian.

It was like a second family to me :) which was awesome because I was missing home. Brian is truly an amazing person with a huge heart! She is someone you can talk to about anything!!! She doesn't judge, she just accepts people for who they are. She looks out for us and likes to have fun with us. She basically rocks my world. Love you Brian! :) And her daughter, Hannah is amazing too.

She loves the Jonas brothers and Hannah Montanna. She's adorable and will become your little sister. It's just a really cool experience because you're around people who actually care about you and want to see you happy and successful.

Working with AMA is one of the best decisions I made for where I want my life to be. I am so happy and just having fun every time I go on set.

You'll learn to deal with Brian's singing and the 2 songs he'll play over and over (the lion sleeps tonight and new york by jayz and alicia keys) LOL.... It's been an amazing time in LA with Brian and the girls too!!

We worked so much and loved it there! Brian would take us to all the best shopping mall's :) :) :) and we would all go out to dinner together.

It was definitely an experience! So basically one word to sum up how I feel after everything I've experienced so far with AMA is...happy :)

XOXO, Ivy Winters
Cali Rider
Hi this is Cali Rider. I had a lot of fun with AMA in Florida and Brian is great.

Then I went up to New York and had a BLAST! Jen is hilarious and so awesome she definitely busts her ass. I can't wait to go to LA!
Cali Rider
Erin Marxxx
Everyone over at AMA was great to me on my first visit.

Everything flowed so smoothly and friendly it was very relaxing. Brian is very easy to work with.

I came out to Miami for the week and did way better than I expected to do.

I have to say even the people they lined up for me to shoot with were all top notch and I was treated like a "Pornstar" everywhere I went.

Thanks so much guys can't wait for my next trip out there.

Erin Marxxx
Ivy Rider
Hey everyone! I'm Ivy, if you see me around don't hesitate to say hey!

I'm from Tampa, Fl and drove 300 miles to the AMA model house 1 month ago. I've always had an interest in the industry and this company came highly recommended.

I began just navigating around the site you are looking at now. When I decided to come in I was very nervous and unsure if the things I read about on the site were things that AMA can actually deliver.

It didn't take long to realize that not only does the company do what they say on the site, they far exceeded my expectations.

The first night I did a photo shoot for the site. The photographer Daryl is awesome! He makes girls feel so comfortable and the tips he gave me I still use for shoots today!

She is there whenever you need an understanding person to talk to about anything. She has also become a great friend to me.

Brian is also really great, he knows a lot about the business and will not let a girl get into a shady situation, on or off the set.

I have come to realize how rare and important it is in this industry.

It's like a family, and we take care of each other. Outside of the house I have been taken to get my nails done, go shopping, go out to eat, go bowling and tons of fun stuff like that!

I have even been lucky enough to visit LA and Las Vegas!

If you have an interest in this business this is the best, safest, fun and most professional way you can get into it!

I never thought I'd be where I am today and this company paved the way.

I don't doubt they can give you every opportunity to do the same for yourself.

With Love from,
Ivy Rider
Selena Castro
Hi Guys and girls, this Is Selena Castro. I'm 20 years old. Originally from Argentina - raised in Miami.

I've been in the Industry since February 2009. I started Shooting For (Score), (Reality Kings), and (Bang Bros).

I first came to this company with Annika Adams for a photo shoot because we saw this company brings you out to LA.

We wanted more shoots and work because we didn't have agents.

He was very helpful with perfecting my posing and boosting my confidence.

I left for home, and the next day Brian picked me up from my house.

I was so nervous! But at the same time I was so happy to meet with the models and get to know them. Brian told me that I should stay for a week and get to know the girls, so I did.

I liked staying here, the girls were so nice to me! I moved in the next day. Brian helped me a lot to talk to people and feel a lot better about myself, she's such and sweet and caring person, and she became my best friend.

Brian is a good business man, he would not let the girls do something outrageous and shady, he's a great guy and nice to get along with.

Shortly after moving in I already had work! I also got to to LA and do a few shoots out there. I also got to just visit Vegas,

It was a fun night :D

AMA is a great place for girls to start their career and have fun along the way!
Selena Castro
Mya Lynn
My name is Mya and I came all the way from Indianapolis, Indiana to work with AMA. It was by far the most fun I have ever had working.

Brian, Bryan and the crew is like my second family. I loved the shoots and everybody treated me amazingly.

When I first arrived I had no money and AMA helped me out with everything. They also had to put up with my smartass lol.

I cant be any more thankful for them helping me become a model.

AMA is the best company I have ever worked for and i love it
Mya Lynn
I met Brian at the airport in Fort Lauderdale, and gave her a hug right away. She really is the sweetheart that you have been talking to on the phone! Brian picked us up, with my luggage, and then we drove straight over to Bio Collections, so I could get tested. Right away, Brian was on the phone talking with people about my arrival, and trying to get me shoots booked.

On our way home, we picked up a a model that just got done with one of her shoots, and then we all ate at Applebee's for dinner. When we got to the house, Brian showed me my room, and introduced me to my roommate.

I got a quick photo shoot in, with Darryl, before bed. He is a great photographer, and makes you feel comfortable right away!

I had three fun, and very different, shoots during my first stay.

The first one was for Bang Bros (Venetian Productions). They have great makeup artists and a very nice spa, with a Jacuzzi, for the girls! My second shoot was for Aqua Entertainment. - The whole shoot took place underwater in a pool!

The third was for IC (Reality Kings) , and was my favorite shoot. We went to a super nice loft, and shot stills, and "POV home video" type footage for their "See my Wife" website.

AMA is the best place to start if you just want to try something new, or if you have long term goals, as an adult model. Brian, Darryl, and Brian are people you can trust and count on to guide you and be there for you every step of the way.

I would recommend AMA to all my "porn-star" friends! ;)
Autumn Stone
I was approached by a well known agent in LA who promised me the world and I fell for it. So I fly out to LA and spend the next few weeks doing nothing but watching him lay around the house. Doing nothing.

He made it very clear I had to audition for him so he could book me with confidence...

It was "his reputation on the line - not mine" after all... I went along with this the first time hoping that he would keep his end of the agreement. Flash forward a couple weeks. No work. No money.

By this point I had had just about enough of this. I ask him if I am ever going to get any bookings. He got very angry. He started shouting.

I think his exact words were "If you don't like the amount of bookings I'm getting for you, maybe if you stopped bitching and blew me from time to time I would be more motivated to get you more shoots"

OK. I may not be the easiest girl to get along with. No way was I going to take that. I pick up the phone and called around. I got Brian on the phone at AMA. I had spoken to him prior to going to LA but had decided to go with the LA guy.

Everything this LA agent was telling me sounded so good. You would have done the same.

I tell Brian what's going on. Of course the agent's listening outside my door. Now things gets NASTY.

It turns into a real scene. I'm getting pushed around, verbally abused and then thrown out of the house.

I'm out in the middle of the street - bags in hand. ZERO money in my pocket. In the middle of LA.

I call Brian back. He calls someone who picked me up, took me to the Burbank Airport and put me on a flight to Fort Lauderdale that they paid for.

Brian & Karen were waiting for me at the gate when I got off the plane in Fort Lauderdale.

When it came to booking me, they did an awesome job. They lined up enough shoots so that I wouldn't have to worry about money for a while. They took me shopping, nails done, out to eat.

It was almost a vacation at times. They just took great care of me. Things were going good. That should have been the end of this story. It's not.

If I had still been in that LA model house or any other house, I shudder to think how this would have turned out. See, I knew I was walking around with a potentially serious medical problem. I thought it was under control and had stopped progressing. I was trying to hold it together until I got home so I could have MY doctor handle it.

I almost made it.

I had a ectopic-tubal pregnancy. For those of you who know what this is, this is not something you fool with. If left untreated and the fertilized embryo continues to grow inside your fallopian tube, you can burst that tube and between bleeding and shock you can die in a matter of hours.

I was in and out of the hospital twice in the 5 days leading up to this disaster. Warning signs.

Shoots got cancelled, staff dropped everything to drive me to and from the hospital. One staffer stayed in the ER with me until 1am so I would not be alone. Two nights before I'm scheduled to fly home, the worst pain I have ever felt in my entire life kicks in about 3:00AM.

I called Karen, since I couldn't get up, and she rushed me to the hospital for the 3rd time in 5 days.

My fallopian tube had burst and blood was just pouring out into me internally.

The doctors said another hour or two and I would not have made it. I spent the next 3 days in the hospital on IV antibiotics and morphine drip.

The entire Giirlzinc staff came by every day. The girls staying at the house came. They had a friend who is a doctor on staff at another hospital came by to check on me each day and make sure the staff at this hospital was taking the best care of me.

What I am saying is this: They treated me like family, not a disposable asset.

After I was released from the hospital, they took me home and took care of me until I was strong enough to get on a plane and fly home.

To say they went above and beyond the call of professional courtesy is the understatement of a lifetime.

They saved me from two crisis's in a little under 2 weeks.

I can not begin to thank you guys enough. There are just no words.

Love you guys tons!
Autumn Stone
Mischa Meadows
Hi there, I just wanted to tell you how amazingly fun and awesome my experience with AMA.

It was scary at first... leaving home so suddenly, oh and thank you Brian for flying me there. The people were amazing, the shoots weren't scary or degrading at all, and I overall had a blast working with you!

I look forward to coming down again really soon!!!

My name is Missy. If you're looking to entering into the adult porn industry, AMA, is the place to start. Brian is really nice, easy to work with, and is hardworking in his department to get you the best shoots possible.

Brian's assistant, Brian, is a pleasure to be around with, and is a great person in making this experience as comfortable as possible for those who have just started to get into this industry.

Darryl, the photographer and maintenance technician, is a professional when it comes to his work, but treats his job and the people he works with, with respect as well as throw in some humor in his conversations to help ease pressure of his fellow co-workers.

My experience has been wonderful, and everyone has been nice and sweet and can't wait to see them again.

My experience with AMA has been nothing short of awesome!!!

Brian, Darryl, and Brian are so professional and so nice to all the girls.

I drove 18 hours from my home state (Tennessee) and really didn't know what to expect. I was a little nervous to say the least!

I felt comfortable right away (especially after Brian came and got me after I got lost, like, right down the street from his house!) After I met some of the girls and did my initial photo shoot, I was really excited to work with Brian.

It only took a few days for me to get my first shoot, and work has been steady since. The money is great, I love staying at the model house, and we all have sooooooo much fun!!!

Brian really cares about his girls and takes great care of us; it feels like one big happy family here!!! I would definitely recommend AMA to anyone who wants to get started in the adult industry. I would never want to work with any other agency after my experience with Brian - thank you guys soooo much!!!!

I enjoyed being an exotic dancer for 8 years but had become very bored with my dull routine, which made me feel almost as if I was a "robot". I desperately needed a change in my life and I had actually become very depressed as a result.

A friend of mine who worked at the club with me, Ashden, actually suggested to me that I call AMA for a job.

I hesitated to call. After 3 months I got fed up enough with my boring life to finally DO something about it.

I called and spoke with Brian, the manager. Brian was very professional and explained everything to me and told me how protective he was of his girls which made me feel a little better since I was very nervous about something like this.

Before I knew it I was on a train to Ft. Lauderdale and was being welcomed into the model house by my new found friend, Pebbles.

Now I have always been scared of dogs, not to mention being scared of being in a new place with new people and a new type of work.

After my first shoot I was able to relax and I became part of a family and really enjoyed myself like I was on a vacation, it was just so exciting. Darryl took wonderful pictures of me and made me feel truly beautiful. I had a beautiful dog who I loved like my daughter and beautiful people around and an amazing boss, what more could a girl ask for?
Casey Bryant
My name is Casey Bryant. I am a model with AMA

Having been a model in the fashion industry most of my life, I was very careful when looking for an agent in the adult industry. Giirlzinc is the agency that I was looking for.

They are completely professional and caring for their models. I was able to stay in the model house where they took me to all of my bookings and wherever else that I needed to go.

They have a great photographer onsite (Darryl), who does your pics for the website (At no cost to you!!).

AMA only works with the most reputable companies. And like all GOOD agencies, they don't ask for any money or private auditions. They make their money from their commissions on the jobs that they get you booked for. Brian is a great guy and really cares about his models.

And Pebbles the dog and Duchess the cat are the cutest house pets ever!! If you just want to talk to someone about this, feel free to e-mail me directly at

I'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Tia here!! I felt as though I needed to write a testimonial.

Before flying down to Florida to work with AMA, I reviewed their site and was very impressed! I decided that this was something that I wanted to do! I was flown down by the company and picked up by Brian.

He was very friendly, upfront and honest about his company. I was very cautious about the entire situation because it was my first time doing anything like this but he set my mind at ease by the time we got to the model house.

OK...let me fast's time for my first "shoot". Brian takes me to an office where I meet the producer. We all make small talk and then Brian has to go and I'm on my own!

I met the "male talent" whom seems very nice, not much is said to one another. I'm in the office and doubt starts to enter into my mind....."should I be here?","am I doing the right thing?", so on and so forth.

The producer excuses herself and I am left with my thoughts. Then the "male talent" steps outside.

He later pop's back in and I briefly explain to him that this is my first time and I'm very nervous and have doubts. He had some very good advice for me and I would like to thank thanks! Next...the producer comes in and asked me what is going on. I had a lengthy conversation with her about my concerns.

She was very candid and very kind to me and I appreciate her willingness to listen. Thanks to you too! She said she would call Brian for me and explain to him that I was feeling uncomfortable and didn't want to do the shoot.

When Brian picked me up I expected him to at least say something rude or at least bring up the fact that I've wasted his time and money! But he only asked me what happened, I explained to him how I felt and he said he completely understood AND honestly that was it! We laughed on the way back to the house! He could not have been more of a gentleman to me!

Later a few of us went out for dinner and even later to get some ice-cream! Brian is even getting up at 6:30 am to take me to the airport!

If anyone is thinking of getting into the "Adult Business" I would recommend Giirlzinc hands down. Not only is Brian a great guy but so is "D"...thanks for the belly laugh on the way home from dinner!

I could also tell that AMA only works with the best and most reputable companies!

You guys are the best!! Love and apple fries,
My name is JC Taylor and I have been lucky enough to have someone stumble upon me while I was working as a maid at a local motel.

I was trying to escape a terrible marriage and was just stuck because of finances and all the other things that stand between a person and the door.

During all this I was approached by one of the Agency's talents and they told me word for word "please call Brian if you have any interest in a career in modeling, this man will change your life". I couldn't help but laugh. Here I am making chump change, cleaning up after people, and slaving to keep a roof over my head let alone feed everyone under it.

So I made the call because i was curious if this "Brian" character was real and indeed he was.

The next day I go to his house to do the photo shoot (which he didn't charge for like those fake places that make you pay to take your pictures then never call you again). Almost immediately received a call back from Brian saying he had several shoots setup for me and it was great quick money. He also opened his home to me (as well as other girls in need) so I was able to escape from my horrible relationship.

Then he took me out and fixed me all up so I looked and felt way better about myself.

This has been a new beginning for my life and I am so grateful that AMA. is the company that I am with. I recommend them to anyone that would like to be treated with the utmost respect.

Thanks Giirlz Inc.
JC Taylor
Hi everyone this is Vannessa Onyx. Let me start off by telling you all a little about my background.

For a number of years people would tell me or ask me if I was a model. So I said "what the hell- since I have the look, like to show myself off, like to have sex, and and like for every man to fantasize about me why not?"

So I looked on different websites to find a legitimate company to represent me.

I ran across an adult modeling company called AMA. I thought that it looked like a place where I could get my start from. So I did my research on Brian.

I called him and he let me talk with a girl that was at the house, I thought that that was pretty cool also.

He told me to read some of the girls comments, and I did and I was sold on this new dream of mine. So everything look good so here I am, so keep a look out for me.
Vanessa Onyx