Hear from some of our models

Violet Meyers

I want start off my testimony by saying Brian was more than just an agent/manager for me but he’s my family.

From the very beginning Brian has always fought and believed in me when no one did. He always saw me as a superstar before I even believed in it myself.

Brian always looked out for me and made sure that I was safe and that no one was going to take advantage of me in the industry. What’s that spraying a part from any other agent is the fact that he really does care for his girls.

I can vouch and say that Brian has made me the superstar I am today. Brian has push me mentally and physically to be really strong in this industry so I can succeed. I always tell all my friends and people who always ask me where I started I always mention Brian because he’s the one of the best agents that I know.

He’s never made me feel uncomfortable or made me do anything that I didn’t want to do. He always made sure that I was safe and comfortable with what I wanted to do in the industry and never pushed me to do anything I didn’t want to do. That’s what I love most about Brian and his agency. He’s always looked out for what’s best in my interest.

Leana Lovings

I first met Brian in January of 2020 at the AVNs. At that point I was a cam girl of 4 years looking for an agent that could represent me going in to the porn industry. At the time I didn’t feel like I was ready, and he said it was okay if I took my time on that decision. When I came back a year later, Brian did everything to give me a good start.  It’s been three months since then and this is what I can say about his professionalism; Brian is a damn good agent. He’s one of the few agents in porn that will genuinely care about your brand and he does his job efficiently. I’m grateful for how much he stands up for me during the hard decisions in how my brand is represented. He’ll take everything very seriously if that’s what your goal is and he’ll help you surpass them and more within only the first month.

Vivianne DeSilva

After starting my career with two different known agencies, I found myself lacking success and shoots. Now I finally feel I have found my home with AMA Modeling.

The difference between AMA and other agencies is that Brian truly takes on not just the role as an agent but as a manager. Brian really dives into branding, marketing and the longevity of each girls career. And I can personally speak to all of these factors.

Once I started working with Brian and AMA my career finally started. If it wasn’t for Brian’s awareness of this industry and his direction I would not be where I am today. It is because of him that my career is finally taking off. I could not be managed by anyone better and or who invests so much time with his girls. Thank you for being you and everything you do!

Addie Andrews

I feel fortunate to have landed at AMA at the start of my career. I’ve never had a need to go elsewhere and can honestly say my career wouldn’t be what is today without Brian. He was able to jumpstart my career and put me on a fast track to success. Even when we don’t see eye to eye he continues to work hard and represent me in the best light. Brian always ensures that I am comfortable, safe, and treated with respect.  I’ve known from day one that he’d have my back if ever anything were to go wrong on set.



Evelyn Payne

It is incredibly important to me, as a woman in this industry and it makes me value Brian even more. Sometimes, my ideas are wrong, and he will explain why. But I am someone who wants to hold the reins of “Evelyn Payne” myself and with Brian I feel I have someone who is not only supportive of this, but he is someone who will always be there to help and advise if I need it. YouI was recruited and introduced to Brian in September 2021. Then, like many other adult performers, I was told that I could earn great money, and quick. Fortunately for me, it was true. Brian is a great Agent, and as someone who wants to take an interest in what I shoot (studios, performers, and scenes), I am never pressured or pushed to do what he says or advises me to do. That hear a lot of horror stories about this industry, but if you are entering with clear ideas of what you want to achieve or if you really need someone to steer you carefully around the danger zones, then Brian is the Agent you should be talking to!

Dani Blu

Hi I am Dani Blu, from the beginning before I got with AMA I didn’t really know what I was getting into when I went the first day the girls and Brian made me feel very at home and safe I love the atmosphere of the whole industry and the company itself AMA has not only changed my life but it has given me so many opportunities and so many ways to go and be successful in life. It has changed who I am for the better and made me smarter, happier, and more successful overall. I would never change my career and could never be happier with how amazing of an agent Brian is. Not only does he help us with work but he is there for us in need as well. AMA is amazing and I would want every girl to be apart of the family.

Sophia Leone

Hey guys my names Sophia Leone and I've been with AMA modeling for about 6 years now and I am definitely happy this is my agency! Brian is no doubt the best agent in the adult industry he takes great care of every single one of his girls, he is very respectful and with no question will be able to take your career further than any other agent can. We live in a beautiful model home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida right outside of Miami and in our model home everyone is like a family we all get along great love and support each other! We're a Team! Okay now shooting, Brian will book you with the top companies like Reality Kings, Bang Bros, Team Skeet etc. And he will 100% make sure you are comfortable with each scene he books you for you NEVER have to do anything you don't want too. When you go to the shoots the will do your hair and makeup and make you look absolutely beautiful which is always fun! After you will go to a gorgeous model home with your Director, Photographer, Male/Female Talents and your self not a whole crew of people. Every scene you do you will have so much fun it will not feel like work what so ever they make you feel like a million dollars and plus you're making great money!!! You will also travel to LA, Las Vegas, and New York which is so much fun!

Riley Jean

When I met Brian, I wasn't actively trying to get into porn. He found me through SexyJobs, which I thought was just a place where you could go to sell custom pictures and videos. I was really nervous at first but he had me talk to one of the girls staying at the model condo and I decided to go the very next day. Since then, I haven't looked back. Brian has been incredibly supportive the entire time I've known him and he really cares about the girls he represents. When my family found out what I was doing, he sat down with me and let me vent about how I felt and gave back genuine advice. I can't think of any other agent that would do that. I am so happy that I decided to come down to Florida and join AMA, I couldn't think of a better agency to be with.

Autumn Stone

I was approached by a well known agent in LA who promised me the world and I fell for it. So I fly out to LA and spend the next few weeks doing nothing but watching him lay around the house. Doing nothing.

He made it very clear I had to audition for him so he could book me with confidence...

It was "his reputation on the line - not mine" after all... I went along with this the first time hoping that he would keep his end of the agreement. Flash forward a couple weeks. No work. No money.

By this point I had had just about enough of this. I ask him if I am ever going to get any bookings. He got very angry. He started shouting.

I think his exact words were "If you don't like the amount of bookings I'm getting for you, maybe if you stopped bitching and blew me from time to time I would be more motivated to get you more shoots"

OK. I may not be the easiest girl to get along with. No way was I going to take that. I pick up the phone and called around. I got Brian on the phone at AMA. I had spoken to him prior to going to LA but had decided to go with the LA guy.

Everything this LA agent was telling me sounded so good. You would have done the same.

I tell Brian what's going on. Of course the agent's listening outside my door. Now things gets NASTY.

It turns into a real scene. I'm getting pushed around, verbally abused and then thrown out of the house.

I'm out in the middle of the street - bags in hand. ZERO money in my pocket. In the middle of LA.

I call Brian back. He calls someone who picked me up, took me to the Burbank Airport and put me on a flight to Fort Lauderdale that they paid for.

Brian & another model were waiting for me at the gate when I got off the plane in Fort Lauderdale.

When it came to booking me, they did an awesome job. They lined up enough shoots so that I wouldn't have to worry about money for a while. They took me shopping, nails done, out to eat.

It was almost a vacation at times. They just took great care of me. Things were going good. That should have been the end of this story. It's not.

If I had still been in that LA model house or any other house, I shudder to think how this would have turned out. See, I knew I was walking around with a potentially serious medical problem. I thought it was under control and had stopped progressing. I was trying to hold it together until I got home so I could have MY doctor handle it.

I almost made it.

I had a ectopic-tubal pregnancy. For those of you who know what this is, this is not something you fool with. If left untreated and the fertilized embryo continues to grow inside your fallopian tube, you can burst that tube and between bleeding and shock you can die in a matter of hours.

I was in and out of the hospital twice in the 5 days leading up to this disaster. Warning signs.

Shoots got cancelled, staff dropped everything to drive me to and from the hospital. One staffer stayed in the ER with me until 1am so I would not be alone. Two nights before I'm scheduled to fly home, the worst pain I have ever felt in my entire life kicks in about 3:00AM.

I called a model, since I couldn't get up, and she rushed me to the hospital for the 3rd time in 5 days.

My fallopian tube had burst and blood was just pouring out into me internally.

The doctors said another hour or two and I would not have made it. I spent the next 3 days in the hospital on IV antibiotics and morphine drip.

The entire AMA staff came by every day. The girls staying at the house came. They had a friend who is a doctor on staff at another hospital came by to check on me each day and make sure the staff at this hospital was taking the best care of me.

What I am saying is this: They treated me like family, not a disposable asset.

After I was released from the hospital, they took me home and took care of me until I was strong enough to get on a plane and fly home. To say they went above and beyond the call of professional courtesy is the understatement of a lifetime. They saved me from two crisis's in a little under 2 weeks.
I can not begin to thank you guys enough. There are just no words.
Love you guys tons!

Destiny Cruz

Hey my name is Destiny Cruz. Im 24 years old. I haven't been in the industry too long, about five months now but since I have signed with AMA Modeling Agency, it has been nothing but an amazing experience and an adventure for me. My life has completely changed for the better since I decided to go into the porn industry. I think this was one of the best decisions I could of ever made in my life. Brian Berke has been a great manager and agent to me. He looks out for all his models and takes care of all us. He wants every one of us to be successful in our careers and in this industry and does his best to steer us in the right direction when needed. We are like a family. Every shoot he has booked me for has been nothing but the best, super comfortable, nice talents and producers and very professional at that! I've met so many great people since I've been living at the model house and would love to continue working with them and continue to meet more to build our family and his agency! I love AMA Modeling Agency!

Alessia Luna

Brian is one of the most amazing, sweetest, caring people I have met. I started with him early 2020 and shot pretty frequently. Recently I was driving to South Florida to shoot with my 2 dogs, friend when I got cut off and crashed into a barrier in South Carolina. He was one of the first people I called being so unsure what to do. He told me to go to a hotel he was coming. He right away rented a car and drove from South Florida to South Carolina and picked us up. Took care of everything including working with me on my insurance and helping me get a brand new car. That is who he is. Always here for his models. I will always be grateful for picking AMA to start my career.

Annabel Redd

Hey! I’m Annabel Redd, I’m 22 years old. I was on a fetish website when I got a message regarding AMA and getting into the porn industry. I ignored it for awhile because I was very cautious and nervous about, well, everything. I was able to call a recruiter and talk to her and she made sure I had a chance to talk to other models, she worked with me through my concerns. She really listened and made sure I felt comfortable enough to fly out. It was because of that frank, open honesty that I chose to give AMA a chance. So I flew out and immediately was treated like I was apart of a family, not just an agency. Brian and his team have made my stay with them so comfortable. And I got work. I was so blown away by how much work I got. Booked solid. I came into this thinking oh, I’d do a few shoots and go home. That wasn’t the case. I actually have a real shot at this being my career and it’s all because of AMA. Brian and his team are just such nice people; they’re caring and empathetic. I’m so glad it was AMA that reached out to me and no one else. I don’t think I would get the same quality anywhere else. It’s important to me that they see me as a real person and care on top of caring deeply about mine and their careers. You know, you get so many businesses that don’t understand the interpersonal aspect, but AMA does. They want to build a relationship with each and every one of their models. I am so excited to continue this journey and I don’t want it to be with any other agency. It’s fun, it’s freeing, and AMA has made it that way for me. I think anyone wanting to get into this industry should absolutely give AMA a chance. Not only will you get a lot of work, and work with big names even, you also feel like you’re apart of a family. You’re comfortable here.

Jeni Angel

Jenni Angel

When I first came into the industry I was obviously scared and sketched out by everything, and I wasn’t in the greatest situation when I started.
I had someone fly me out to LA and there I met some type of agent, he got me some money and became kinda one of my only friends out there and I trusted him and was comfortable with him so I stuck with him for a bit until I met another model in the industry. I told her about what I’ve been doing and that I have this guy who’s like my agent but he wasn’t getting me the work I should’ve been getting and I was staying in a hotel the entire time so she contacted her agents to see what could possibly happen with me. I was sent to AMA modeling for some more work and since then I’ve been doing absolutely great. I really like where I am now and I only hope things get better haha I’m tryna be famous haha. But I’ve met great people I’ve made great new friends, I love the agency and everyone. I’m glad this is where I am right now. I would recommend AMA modeling to any girl.

Rachel Cavalli

Rachel Cavalli

I have to say I am thankful for the choice I made with choosing AMA as my manager/agent in Florida. I met Brian at a shoot I was at in Florida while representing myself at the time and not having an agent. He was picking up one of his girls from the scene we had just shot, and I thought that was super cool that he even took interest and cared enough to be involved in the girls careers to take time to make sure they had rides to and from there scenes.  That’s when one of the directors had suggested I talked to him for representation in the industry, the director guaranteed he’d help me get more work. And that’s what I chose to do from the first time I talked to him he has helped me in the right direction with no hesitation. Brian has helped me better myself as a person and given me opportunities that were on my bucket list to achieve, that I was having a hard time achieving from not having the right guidance until I met him. Brian really listens to what you want to achieve in the industry and works together with you, to getting you on the right path and make it happen! I have been in the industry for little over two years and prior to me joining AMA I had not had so many good experiences and was very frustrated with the way my career was going. Within the past 7 months of joining Brian I have achieved more in this 7 months than I have in my career of starting into the industry and I’m very happy and wouldn’t change anything about the choice I’ve made in joining with him.

Amber Addis

Hello, My name is Amber Addis and I am nearing the end of my first trip to South Florida with AMA Modeling. When I first came out I was slightly nervous about where I’d be staying, meeting my agent, and what I would be getting booked for. As soon as I arrived I felt at ease. Brian was friendly and helpful, as well as attentive of what scenes he is booking for his models. The apartment I stayed in was very nice, beautiful views and friendly girls. I enjoyed my time quite a lot. As for shooting, I enjoyed all of my shoots and felt extremely comfortable at them all. I would highly recommend working with AMA Modeling. They are easy to work with as well as focusing on helping you further your career and putting your nerves at ease. 

Elena Koshka

Brian is undoubtedly the best agent out there! I was so nervous coming into the adult industry, I thought of every bad scenario that could ever happen. I bombarded Brian with all of my questions and concerns, he then handed the phone over to Sophia Leone, and she was able to reassure me of my safety, and Brians legitimacy. And of course, I did my online research about the modeling agencies, AMA and 101 after stumbling on his ad, but it wasn't enough to completely convince me that this was a good move for me to take in life. So Thank you Sophia for convincing me to take this opportunity, and thank you Brian for allowing me to work under your wing. I have complete peace of mind having Brian as my agent, I know I will be taken care of, respected, and my time here in Florida and L.A will not be wasted. The life style we live, the money we make, and the relationships we build are all so wonderful. I turned 23 here at Brians model house, which made me wish I had taken this leap in life so much sooner. I could have been making this great money when I was 18! Anyway...Being here has been one of the best experiences of my life, I'll miss this place, it has become my second home. There are no opportunities like this back home in Oregon.

Mia Martinez

Mia Martinez

When I first started shooting, I came on board with an agency that wasn’t right for me and being so new in the industry I didn’t know what exactly would be right for me. Who does? We change our whole lifestyle for this industry and we sacrifice so much, not knowing if it’ll even be worth our time or effort or if this is even what we want for ourselves. Very shortly however I found my way to Brian and AMA Modeling and although I didn’t know it at the time, he saved me. The way he believes in all of his girls will make you push yourself so far past your own boundaries. He has been a text or a phone call away no matter where in the world I find myself. Ive seen him fight for girls who seemed like they were at their absolute breaking point and he has brought them back better than ever. He never gave up on me. He truly is great at what he does and far beyond. I am so fortunate to be represented by the most caring and professional agent south Florida has to offer. Thank you Brian for always telling me what I NEED to hear and not what I WANT to hear. And thank you #TeamBrian for being so much more than an agency to me throughout my journey. You have been a family, you have been friends, you have been a shoulder to cry on and a place to rest my head if I needed for almost 2 years. For you I am forever grateful. For you I will continue to grow and learn in this crazy industry.

Roxy Ryder

My name is a Roxy Ryder, I have been a amamodel since October 2019. A producer in South florida recommended me to him. It has been an amazing journey and opportunity! Brian has been nothing but professional, supportive, respectful and organized. Every shoot has been properly planned. Time, date, location, wardrobe, and talent were always known in advanced, I have recommended Brian and the AMA agency too all the new girls wanting too join. Xo

Andi James

Exploring adult work for the first time just a few years back, I had the good fortune to stumble upon an ad posted by AMA, which provided my first opportunity to work with Score and two of the industry's top male performers. Brian made me very comfortable and I soon came to understand that not only was he respectful and professional, he was also someone who cares about your well-being, so important in an industry such as this one. His longevity in the industry and his connections assured I was not only safe but also had access to quality and diverse work. He is tireless in assuring the models affiliated with his agency not only have the best opportunities and exposure but also ongoing work, which can be challenging in an industry with a great deal of competition, Working with him and his agency have been life changing for me . It was an honor and pleasure to be part of the AMAMArketing and @teambrian.

Lulu Chu

AMA Modeling is more like a family than an agency. There's a sense of loyalty and respect shown by not only Brian and his team, but all the girls as well. They are fair and caring. I love working with AMA, not only because Brian is the literal best at bookings, but for the kindness and concern that he and his team have shown me. As someone who is currently new to the industry and very young, I am incredibly grateful for their help and support. I couldn't have asked for a better agency!

Jessica Torres

I had a great experience working with Brian as my agent in Florida. He delivered what he promised plus more and a great agent to work with.

If you guys have any questions or any hesitation whether this is a legitimate business, feel free to contact me anytime.

Thank you for everything Brian!

Parker Swayze

HI! I'm Parker Swayze and you may recognize me from some sites such as Naughty America, Reality Kings, Porn Pros and Brazzers. I'm so very lucky to have Brian as my agent! If it weren't for him I wouldn't have been granted such great opportunities! Brian really takes great care in his work and knows this business inside and out. Thanks to AMA I'm looking forward to even more fun opportunities coming my way. If you're a young person looking to break into the adult industry look no further. AMA is a team and they show it.


My name is Sadie I'm 19 and I've been working for AMA for under a month and I've enjoyed every second of it . I love the atmosphere everyone here at the model house is very welcoming and nice . I must say I love my job . Brian is very professional and helps us further our career in anyway he can and joining AMA was the best thing I could have done.

Hollie Shields

I'm Hollie Shields and I started out with AMA, when I arrived to Florida I was greeted by Brian, he took me back to the house where I was then greeted by the other girls, who became some of my best friends. Everyone was so friendly and made me feel very comfortable, not just in the house but when I went out for work as well. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to work with everyone and to have had the opportunities after as well. Everyone is so amazing and kind, they have become part of a family for me.

Kendra Cole

My names Kendra Cole, I'm 19 years old, I'm from Wisconsin, and I have recently just gotten into the adult film industry. Crazy right?

Wisconsin is this crappy little place where you have to work two minimum wage jobs just to make ends meet. Back home I was going into nursing and barely making the bills. I couldn't afford to buy things for myself and I was always working so I never had time to relax and be a teenager. My friend and I had ended up working for this company near our hometown taking photos for adult magazines but the company was very unprofessional and we began to search elsewhere to see if this is really how the adult world treats their models who are already questioning their decisions of going into the adult industires. But we had to pay the bills. Then we found Brian. We called Brian and talked to him and he had us talk with a couple models from the house in Florida. They gave us the encouragement we needed to get on that plane. Next thing you know we ended up flying me out two days later instead of my friend who was originally going to go.

My experience here has been amazing. As soon as I got here my nerves immediately vanished. When your're here your're treated like family. I feel like ive been friends with these girls for years and I make so much money where I never have to worry about if ill be able to make rent this month or not. And theres nothing unprofessional about the work we do here. I never thought I would be so happy with my career choice. I went from being this scared girl wondering how she ended up like this to being incredibly happy and loving my job. Its so professional and so much fun and you never think so until your're actually living it. At Brians model house and provide you with a beautiful place to stay with an amazing pool just outside the model house. I have my own bed and the freedom to go to the mall one block away whenever I want to! Its amazing here and I love going to work in the mornings. And when I'm not filming I'm kicking back hanging with my friends in the Florida sunshine. I love it here I don't know how I ever could go back to the miserable life of Wisconsin. The shoots and the people at them are all so fun and friendly and everyone goes above and beyond to make sure you're having the experience and professionalism you deserve. I'm very thankful to Brian for having me come out here and everything he does to help me further my career in the industry. Thank you.

Tali Dova

My name is Tali Dova, I am 20 years old, and I’m from a small town in Michigan. I have been in the adult industry since May 18th. I am currently at the model house with Brian, and I love it here!

I always knew I wanted to do something in the modeling industry, but never knew how to really get into it. So…I started web camming, and really enjoyed it. I loved that I could go to work whenever I wanted, and not have a boss breathing down my shoulder. The only problem with camming was: it didn’t pay the bills.

Then, a recruiter on Twitter contacted me and directed me to Brian and his team. I talked to them, and they wanted me to fly down ASAP. I was very nervous and skeptical at first, but I got on the plane and flew to Florida. When I got down here, everything they said was true. The model house is gorgeous. There is a huge pool with a hot tub. All of the people I work with are very respectful and supportive. There is a HUGE mall within walking distance from the model house. Not to mention the weather is always amazing. Just everything here is the best. I don’t know how I ever survived in Michigan. I don’t think I could ever go back where it’s cold and crappy all the time.

Anyway, Brian and his team are always there for you. Any questions you have, they always have an answer. Not to mention, they always find you work. Being down here, I’ve made the most money in a week I have ever made in that same time period. I don’t know what I would do without them. They are the best agents anyone could ever ask for.

Callie Calypso

So, you’ve decided to do porn. Where the hell do you start though?

When I began my search for representation in adult film I feared that a simple internet search for agencies would do little to distinguish the legitimate from the not-so-much. But, my search quickly brought me to the homepage of the Adult Modeling Alliance, where I was surprised to scroll through some of the top adult models currently working in the industry, names that to someone like me were of a near-celebrity status. I just thought, wow! So a former film producer decided to manage an entire team of top-notch sex-crazy (professionally sex-crazy…) starlets as they make their way into the industry…this sounds good to me.

Within 24 hours of submitting my photos and information I received a reassuring call from the most bubbly persona I have ever beheld, addressing all questions and concerns, making plans, making introductions, and within several days I received a confirmation call for a two-week shooting slew with one of the most influential big-wig sites in adult.

This is entertainment, and with it comes complications and adversities, as in any business, and with many (good and bad) options available in a tough industry, from day one I’ve felt highly secure in my decision to work exclusively with AMA in all aspects of my career, as they have been incredibly supportive, professional, and kind in the face of all my…”porn problems.” I feel that my representation as a performer is in the best hands possible and I plan to continue my working relationship with AMA for years to come!

JC Taylor

My name is JC Taylor and I have been lucky enough to have someone stumble upon me while I was working as a maid at a local motel.

I was trying to escape a terrible marriage and was just stuck because of finances and all the other things that stand between a person and the door.

During all this I was approached by one of the Agency's talents and they told me word for word "please call Brian if you have any interest in a career in modeling, this man will change your life". I couldn't help but laugh. Here I am making chump change, cleaning up after people, and slaving to keep a roof over my head let alone feed everyone under it.

So I made the call because I was curious if this "Brian" character was real and indeed he was.

The next day I go to his house to do the photo shoot (which he didn't charge for like those fake places that make you pay to take your pictures then never call you again). Almost immediately received a call back from Brian saying he had several shoots setup for me and it was great quick money. He also opened his home to me (as well as other girls in need) so I was able to escape from my horrible relationship.

Then he took me out and fixed me all up so I looked and felt way better about myself.

This has been a new beginning for my life and I am so grateful that AMA. is the company that I am with. I recommend them to anyone that would like to be treated with the utmost respect.

Tristan Berrimore

Starting in the industry as an 18 year old girl was surprisingly incredible. I got everything that was promised to me and then some, I got to meet some of the beautiful people that I can still call my best friends today, I was able to travel places that I never thought I'd be able to see, I was living the lavish lifestyle that I had dreamed of in the past and most importantly I was able to get to know my agent, Brian Berke.

I'm not going to sugar coat anything, I was a bit scared and shy when I was brought to meet him and started working with him. He proved my shyness and weariness wrong, he immediately treated me as if I were family and chose my industry name when I couldn't think of anything.

After a few months of working with Brian, I couldn't imagine working with any other agency, I was a Queen and the world was my bitch (basically). Brian and I became close to where we teased each other and I'm sure that other girls didn't understand our relationship but I felt like he was a fatherly figure to me. My first trip to LA was a disaster because I decided to take it as vacation and party the whole time.

I ended up losing tons of money and getting lost in LA, nonetheless, Brian came to my rescue all the way from Miami, FL.. He was able to immediately call his driver out here in LA and have him pick me up to work the next day. Needless to say, Brian worked miracles whenever needed. If I was in trouble, Brian was always there to help and I am so thankful. I am now living in Los Angeles and working with 101 Modeling but not by choice, it was Brian's suggestion.

I wish so bad that he was out here with AMA because in a heartbeat I would be right back with him. I can truly say that Brian will be the best agent I've ever worked with and that his promises will always be fulfilling and truthful. I would not change a second of my time with Brian for the world. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, AMA! You mean so much to me!

Tessa Arias

I must admit, getting flown in to an unfamiliar place was nerve wracking. I was so scared and hesitant for a couple weeks... But as soon as I got into town and met Brian and his team I felt so welcome.

I was treated with so much respect, I was honestly impressed. I'm the type to watch criminal minds all day long and be aware of the dangers of the world, so coming down was honestly the hardest for me. I was so glad everything turned out wonderful and that Brian and his team were so amazing and fun. Ever since I've been here, everything has just been so wonderful. I love FL and all the great people I got to meet along the way. Its so much fun being on set, the producers are so sweet.

I always feel comfortable and Brian makes sure of that. Pay is more than enough and being in a house where everyone understands you make this experience better! I'm so happy I took this opportunity and came down to work for AMA. I'm looking forward for the shoots I have coming up and per suing my career in LA with 101 models. If you choose to work with AMA you would honestly be doing yourself a favor, you wont get treated better than this anywhere else! Thank you for everything!

Emma Mae

I am truly lucky to have Brian as my agent, he have treated me like a princess since I got to the house. If I ever need anything he will always  make sure to help me the best he can, Brian even took me to get a bank account!

Since I started I have shot with huge companies like BangBros, Reality Kings, Suze Randall (front page of her website), PentHouse, Hustler (got the cover coming out), etc.

All of my scenes are very professional, and I am treated very well!

And if there was ever a problem I know Brian are just a phone call away!
Brian takes me to all of my shoots, and always makes sure to stop by so I can get my latte!

The model house in Florida is great,  I always feel like I'm home when I'm there, When I come to LA its awesome, when I have days off Brian makes sure to show me around Hollywood, etc.   I really love working for AMA, I definitely picked the right agents.

I would love to speak to anyone about my experience with AMA.

Selena Castro

I've been in the Industry since February 2009. I started Shooting For (Score), (Reality Kings), and (Bang Bros).

I first came to this company with Annika Adams for a photo shoot because we saw this company brings you out to LA.

We wanted more shoots and work because we didn't have agents.

He was very helpful with perfecting my posing and boosting my confidence.

I left for home, and the next day Brian picked me up from my house.

I was so nervous! But at the same time I was so happy to meet with the models and get to know them. Brian told me that I should stay for a week and get to know the girls, so I did.

I liked staying here, the girls were so nice to me! I moved in the next day. Brian helped me a lot to talk to people and feel a lot better about myself, he's such and sweet and caring person, and he became my best friend.

Brian is a good business man, he would not let the girls do something outrageous and shady, he's a great guy and nice to get along with.

AMA is a great place for girls to start their career and have fun along the way!

Dolly Leigh

Going with AMA was the best decision I could have made for my career. Brian cares for his girls, and would never put us with any shady companies or let anything happen to us. The condo which we stay at is beautiful and very secure. I get booked all the time when I stay with him, and I know each time I’m safe and paid a fair rate. He is the absolute best at jump starting careers!

Ivy Winters

I've been with Brian/AMA on and off since the start of my career in January 2010 and have starred or performed in more than 70 scenes, all but 1 was booked through them.

First let me say that when I did leave Brian and went to another agency, it was a disaster. He always said that if his girls wanted to leave and go somewhere else they could but probably wouldn't be happy.

Well that was completely true. I immediately missed how AMA is truly like a family.

Whether in Florida or LA we always did everything together- Brian and all the girls. When in LA, Brian would take all of us girls to breakfast in the morning which was always stressful, but nice lol (picture 5+ girls getting ready in the morning and trying to get in enough time for breakfast before going to shoot).

But it was always an adventure. And then we'd all go to dinner at night. Plus don't forget going to the mall- Brian's favorite lol. He always made sure we got to the nail salon and tanning too! But it was really cool because we all became a family. I made some great friends that I will always care about.

But most of all, Brian truly care about our careers and each girl as a person, not just a performer.

They help us make goals and educate us about the industry. AMA makes sure that you get the best experience in the industry and will work on setting goals to always better yourself as a performer and explore other options in the industry. They also help girls build confidence and make sure they are happy and enjoying what they do! I will always appreciate everything he has done for me. He was always there for me, especially when I needed him the most.

I definitely made my share of mistakes, but Brian was always there to guide me and make sure I actually learned from my mistakes and took responsibility and action before moving forward.

Overall, I would highly recommend AMA to anyone in the industry. They really do have each girls best interest in mind.

You don't just become another number on a large roster of girls. You become a member of a family that will support you through your journey in the adult industry and even outside of that.

This is my story and I would welcome speaking to anybody about my experience with AMA.

Avery Moon

Avery Moon

My name is Avery Moon, I started working in the adult industry in 2014. I have been in and out and have experienced many different people and companies, I took a break for a while and switched agencies, I decided because of the good reputation, to join Brian Berke at AMA and Robert at 101 modeling. This is my first time in Florida and I was a little apprehensive about traveling alone to a place I have never been to, but Brian was at the airport waiting to pick me up with one of the beautiful ladies in his agency. I instantly felt comfortable and welcomed, I have been here for a week and a half and have been booked with some amazing companies, have been taken care of, and have had the chance to continue to grow in my career thanks to the guidance and advice from Brian. He personally cares about every single girl he represents and goes to the lengths it takes to make us succeed. He is the most Courteous person as well, checks on us when we are on set, is always there early to take us and pick us up from a shoot and has such a bright caring personality. My time in Florida has been wonderful and I am so grateful to have such an amazing agent and experience.

Shane Blair

Where do I begin? Brian and his team are amazing agents. Ever since I arrived in Florida I have been well taken care of. I started porn 3 months ago in LA where it is a lot different than Florida. I appreciate that Brian and his team always make sure we have everything that we need for shoots, that we are on set on time, and that we have had plenty of rest the night before. The model condo is very nice and modern, yet cozy quiet and comfortable. There's nice pools, gyms, saunas, and walking distance to shops restaurants and salons. I feel like a big family with the models and our agents. I can't wait to plan my next Florida trip!







Skylar Vox

Ever since I entered the industry, I’ve worked with Brian, at AMA Modeling. I’ve continued working with this agency up-to-date, because I feel like I couldn’t get a better agency experience with anybody else. I’m treated like family, while also being treated with complete professionalism.

Mina Moon

Hey everyone! I’m Mina. When I first flew into Miami, I was skeptical about joining an agency. I know a lot of opportunities off of sexyjobs or reddit might seem sketchy, but I seriously lucked out. Initially, I only planned on staying here for a couple of weeks, but here I am four months later! AMA feels more like a family than an agency. I’ve been staying at the condo for a couple of months now and Brian does everything to make sure we’re comfortable. He works hard to make sure we get booked and unlike some other agencies, he genuinely cares about our career and our safety. If there’s ever an issue, it’s nice knowing that I have someone to depend on to respond to a text/phone call right away. As a full time college student, I’m lucky to have an agent that cares about working around my schedule. As long as you put your best foot forward, you’ll have a great experience and progress in your career quickly. I love my life here in Florida and I’m really grateful to have joined AMA!

Sophia Sweets

When I was introduced to Brian I was very new to the industry. I had only one shoot done through another agency at the time and it wasn’t a good experience. Once I started working with Brian I could immediately feel the difference in the amount of support and professionalism. I talked to him for a couple weeks before I flew down to stay in Florida at the model house. The house is super nice and in a great neighborhood. I never felt unsafe or uncomfortable during my entire trip. Working in Florida was incredible. Brian really worked with me to develop my brand and position me for success. The advice and input I got from him is so valuable to getting started in the industry. His network and the people I worked with are amazing. It would have taken me months or years to be able to get access to the studios and talent that I have worked with without him. He changed my career in the way possible. You can really tell he cares about the girls he works with. Brian is a star maker and I feel incredibly fortunate to work with him. I will always be thankful to Brian and the time and effort he puts into me! <3